Buyer Resources

TRID – What Kinds Of Loans Do TRID Disclosures Cover?

Is your real estate loan type covered by the new TRID regulations? This video will tell you.



How Does Purchasing A Home Compare With Renting?

Like the guy in the video says, the two don’t really compare at all. Its worth taking a minute to consider the options.


What Are Discount Points?

Discount points allow you to lower your interest rate. While this video simplifies things to help you remember, points are essentially prepaid interest with each point equaling 1percent of the total loan amount.


Closing Costs Explained Visually

Purchasing a home is exciting, but closing costs can accumulate quickly. Watch this video to have a good mental picture of the costs that youre likely to incur.


How Do I Calculate My Price?

If you only have a few minutes for a video, here are five points to consider.